Agency department: from Port to Receiver

The agency department of thyssenkrupp is acting as full agent on behalf of various operators and disponent owners and as such they are covering the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Furthermore they are representing thyssenkrupp Steel Europe as their forwarding agent.

When a vessel is nominated to call our ports, the agent has to organize many services. The agency is well designed and dedicated for this kind of job. They control all required services like, coordinating the allocated terminal and quay for the discharge and or loading operations, the customs clearance of the vessel and goods up to arranging the pilot services including towage and boatmen.

Besides the regular services like coordinating discharge/loading operation and coordinating of nautical services, they also cover the owners and operators demands like coordinating of bunker supply, and owners related demands as provisions, crew change, medical assistance, repairs etc.

The agents are more than happy to carry out all of these special requirements and are committed to follow up these demands basis 24/7!

In this way our agency department is covering well over 22 million metric tons of Iron ores and coals for our thyssenkrupp plants located in Duisburg.

The great variety of iron ores and coals are discharged at the various terminals. Once discharged, our Inland Shipping Barging Shipping Department will take care about the further transportation to the German Hinterland.

Also on behalf of thyssenkrupp Steel Europe the agency department is controlling other import and export cargoes as well. One must think of semi-finished steel products like steel slabs and steel coils.

In this way the agency is playing a key role in the logistics of thyssenkrupp for the import or raw materials as well as the export of semi-finished products!

Agency department T (24/7): +31(0)181 419882
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